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By martin_g
#71844 As I realized that most of you are using the lib in the Arduino environment I have moved the pure library into a separate repository: https://github.com/martin-ger/uMQTTBroker

From here you can easily integrate it directly into the Arduino shell. Just clone (or download the zip-file and extract) the sources cleanly into the libraries directory of the Arduino ESP8266 installation (no more separate SDK compilation or lib copying is required).

Up to now the API is still plain C and the included client functionality is not yet offered, but I am working on that...
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By Jose_M
#72961 Hello!

(Sorry for my English, is translated with the google translator, I add the original message in Spanish)

I've been in this amazing IoT world for a short time, and I'm trying to make a wireless heating control project.

My installation needs a tft-touch screen that is used to show data and configure the system, and requires to communicate with a mqtt broker (mosquitto) through wifi with an esp01

After much searching, I think that Martin's work is what I need, but I am still very new and I can not understand how to communicate the arduino one with the esp01

I understand that with this I can use esp as an bridge mqtt (I could be wrong) and I followed the steps of the tutorial to install the firmware in the esp.

The operation is spectacular but I can not use it with Arduino as a bridge.

The connection must be made through hardwareSerial or can it also be done withSerial software?

Should any library be included in the arduino for use?

What instructions are used from the arduino to publish, subscribe, etc to the broker?

A simple example of how to use it as a bridge would be very helpful, I am totally lost with that.

Maybe this is wrong and does not work for what I need, but simply being able to create a Wi-Fi repeater is already impressive, great work !!

Thank you




Llevo poco tiempo en este sorprendente mundo de IoT, y estoy intentando hacer un proyecto inalambrico de control de calefaccion.

Mi instalacion necesita una pantalla tft-tactil que se usa para mostrar datos y configurar el sistema, y requiere comunicarse con un broker mqtt (mosquitto) a traves de wifi con un esp01

Tras mucho buscar, creo que este trabajo de Martin es lo que necesito, pero soy muy novato todavia y no alcanzo a entender como comunicar el arduino uno con el esp01

Entiendo que con esto puedo utilizar el esp como intermediario mqtt (pudedo estar equivocado) y he seguido los pasos del tutorial para instalar el firmware en el esp. El funcionamiento es espectacular pero no consigo usarlo con arduino como puente.

La conexion debe hacerse a traves de hardwareSerial o puede hacerse tambien con softwareSerial?

Se debe incluir alguna biblioteca en el arduino para su uso?

Que instrucciones se utilizan desde el arduino para publicar, suscribirse, etc al broker?

Un simple ejemplo de como usarlo como puente me seria de gran ayuda, estoy totalmente perdido con eso.

Quiza este equivocado y no sirva para lo que necesito, pero simplemente el poder crear un repetidor wifi ya es impresionante, gran trabajo!!

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By martin_g
#73106 Jose,

I'm not sure I understood you project correctly, but I guess you want to connect an Arduino to an MQTT broker using an ESP8266. If so, my uMQTTBroker is probably not the best choice as firmware for the ESP. While it can communicate via the serial interface and also act as an MQTT client, it would still require a custom script to do the job.

I would recommend looking into rhis project ESP-LINK: Wifi-Serial Bridge w/REST&MQTT https://github.com/jeelabs/esp-link . This is really a swiss army knife for any Arduino requiring services from an ESP8266.