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By Sushant Naik
villTech wrote:no user permission and policy set.

to create access key and secret:
click your account name from the aws iot console page
select My Security Credentials
select Access Keys
and click Create New Access Keys to create credentials this the video i used to create thing and user on AWS iot. however i think i am creating wrong policy/permission.
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By Sushant Naik
#72380 it worked @villTech, while creating user policy i had to do this

Then click IAM
Then click policy. find your policy or create a new policy
set service to IOT
set action to iot:*
set resouce to all resources (I have difficulty to know how to set specific resource. So I just set it all for the experiment)

now i am able to publish to AWS thing shadow/update,
i need help to get shadow from thing, can u help in that ?
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By Sushant Naik
getting data from the shadows is simply subscribing to the shadow. when a shadow is changed, it will publish its value.

i have subscribed to topic ,

Code: Select allconst char* aws_topic1  = "$aws/things/sushant2017/shadow";

however any change i make to shadow is not reflected in esp8266, messageArrived callback (odelot library),
can i get any help in this?