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By atnu
#71787 I have made wake up from deep sleep via external trigger (reed switch) on the following schematic:


Using Wemos D1 mini Pro V1.0.0 from 3x AA batteries it has been working just fine for couple of months and still works ok

I decided to make couple more and made the same hw but this time I got
Wemos D1 mini Pro V1.1.0, otherwise all the hw parts etc are the same.

Now I have problem that the waking up from external trigger works only when I have Arduino SDK
and serial monitor enabled, then it works just fine.
If I just use batteries or 5v usb charger, it does not wake up from deep sleep.

Arduino sdk 1.8.3 it worked fine on serial monitor and for sdk 1.8.5 I needed to set from the board.txts file DTR and RTS low

So seems that when using 5v usb charger or 3xAA batteries the DTR and RTS are left high and the wake up trigger does not work.

I could not find what changes are done on the v.1.0.0 vs v.1.1.0 board that could make difference, or it is just different batch.

D1 (GPIO5) and D2 (GPIO4) works just fine when waking up from light sleept etc,
only the D0 (GPIO16) and RST has this problem.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?
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By atnu
#72787 Could not figure out what the problem was as it works just fine with Wemos d1 mini pro v.1.0.0 and not with v.1.1.0

My temporary solution is:
- just to hook it up to arduino sdk with serial monitor
- start it up
- connect the batteries
- and yank the usb-cable off (DTS and RTS are left as LOW)
- put it to garace door (without losing power)

This way the external trigger works ok, and with those batteries it should last 6-7months, so once the batteries die, I just need to do the same serial monitor boot-up sequence and it runs again.. unless I have better solution for it by then