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By dhouston
Do you know how to flash a firmware (esptool)? Did you the find the generic documentation about this firmware? Do you have specific questions left?

I understand how to flash. I'll probably use the Arduino IDE.
I found...
I must have skimmed over...
The “plain” image consists of two files: espiobridge-plain-iram-0x000000.bin and espiobridge-plain-irom-0x010000.bin. These can be flashed to address 0x000000 and address 0x010000 respectively, using your flash tool of choice.

Thank you.
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By dhouston
#73479 I could not find a tutorial for using the Arduino IDE with precompiled files so I decided to use the Espressif Flash Download Tool.

I tried with ESP-01, ESP-01S and WeMos D1 mini. Downloading seems OK and there are no apparent errors but none of the devices broadcast an SSID on rebooting.
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By eriksl
#73486 Hmmm... You did wait half a minute? Because it only does so after a timeout of 30 seconds. After that you should see SSID esp, passwd espespesp.

If you checked that, try to see what comes out of the serial port (run it at default 9600 bps), maybe it gives a clue.