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By chyneuze
#58424 I see that in the new Arduino IDE version.
It seem that the new vesion don't like fonction prototype to be use before declaration
It mean, all the fonction i put at the end of the sketch need to be put at de begining before setup()

I still using v1.6.5 for that reason, later i will correct my code for that.

( sorry for my bad english if it's not clear )
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By chyneuze
#68741 It's more simple than it seem de be ;)
Tanks to Weather Undregroud and their simple PWS upload protocol: http://wiki.wunderground.com/index.php/ ... d_Protocol
You just need a web client and call a webpage with all the setings and value you want to upload to your PWS!

N.B.: Be careful, only US unit, not Metric unit.