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By hiddenvision
#73916 Just a quickie,
Is there any method to reduce duplicate Static strings in progmem.

I was hoping to find some clever trick to have a Dictionary of used words and method to build required sentences at run time, thus perhaps avoiding Duplicates.
I've tried a few methods but they all seem to produce more code than the space they save.! Less duplicates but larger code.

also I wonder if there is any sensible "minimum" length of a Static string stored in Progmem. Is it bad to use F("abc") or best to keep it to longer things.

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By hiddenvision
AcmeUK wrote:Does this help:- https://github.com/jjssoftware/applicationStrings?

Spot on AcmeUK.
with a quick cut and pasting I have some new examples to examine.
Now to do some comparisons again between the various methods.

Still curious about the minimum size for Flash strings.
but like pennies from heaven, something will turn up.

Cheers again,