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By jareddavidj
#73948 Hi everyone!
First post here and kind of a newb so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. So I'm making a data logger for a project on my college campus. I had it working perfectly at my house on my house wifi, but I can't get it to connect to my schools wifi. The wifi is open so no password necessary whereas my home wifi is WPA2. I'm attempting to use Adafruit IO to post data online. Everything was completely operational at home. One thing thats weird is I tried the code I found and it connected to the school wifi perfectly. I'm sort of at a loss now and would appreciate any help anybody could give me.
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By jareddavidj
btidey wrote:If no password then you should be using



WiFi.begin(ssid, NULL);

The code I'm using has no place for WiFi.begin. It uses this:

Code: Select all#define WIFI_SSID       "GUEST"
#define WIFI_PASS       ""

#include "AdafruitIO_WiFi.h"

I've just been entering and empty string for WIFI_PASS. I'm thinking now that it might be possible that it is having trouble connecting to Adafruit IO instead of having Wifi problems?