The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT
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By Arctic Fox
#73949 Having similar issues. ESP boots, and can see it over wifi. I've put the pull up resistor in, the link to CH-PD, but the relay will not pull in. So I'm wondering what happens now, what would happen if I took out both the pull up and pull down resistors?

Perhaps someone could outline or picture how they made their boards work? Please?
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By Arctic Fox
#73950 Put a Vcc link to CH-PD and a pull up resistor to gpio0, finally the ESP boots and I can see it over network.

Thanks chaps this has caused many hours of anguish! And a few notes to the supplier who was as useful as a chocolate teapot.
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By fdf
m_elias wrote:
I used a jumper from Vcc to CH_EN and a 9-11K pull-up resistor for GPIO0. The ESP boots but the pull-up does not seem to trigger the relay.

Hello m_elias,

I have the same module and faced the same problem while considering it was making no sense to have to wire GPIO. Anyway, it has been the only solution I found to get the module booting.

Have you been further yet? I am newbee here and all experiences for the basic steps are interesting for me.