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By Pool187
#73749 Hello everyone,
I'm going crazy with this esp8266.
I have the Open-Smart Serial Wifi V1.0 card bought on aliexpress to which I have connected for debugging the FT232RL FT232 FTDI module USB 3.3 V 5.5 V.
My intention is to program the board with arduino ide and then connect it to a mega arduino to follow a project of a thermostat found on web.
I connected it and I had the first problem "wrong direction / command: 0x00 0x08, expected 0x01 0x08". I solved the problem by connecting the chd pin of the usb adapter to the gnd of the esp8266 module.
At this point the arduino ide tells me that the loading of the sketch has been completed. However, despite having put the esp8266 in uart mode on the serial monitor to the AT command I have no answer. Even if I set different bauds, I have no answer. What do you think? How can I find out if the upload was successful?
Finally, what kind of card should I use to load into the Open-smart Serial Wifi V1.0? I used generic esp8266 I was wondering if there was a better one. (for those who asked, I used this card with the 3.3 / 5V digital level converter on bord to avoid using a standalone)