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By mayestik1
#73973 Hello
I have this board WIFI D1 R2 ESP8266 dev. board, 32M flash ... SP8266.pdf ... SP8266.pdf

The board is programmed using Arduino IDE.
The board is powered from external 9DC 3A power supply.

I am using GPIO16 to turn on/off the servo MG995 DC Power (provided from additional DC/DC Step down converter) via Mosfet IRF530. Since the board has 3.3v logic, I'm using Bi-Direction Logic Level Converter beetwen the GPIO16 and IRF530 ... gLevel.pdf
The Mosfet is conencted like this:
Rin = 1k, Rgs = 100k

The problem is, while the board is booting, there is high state on this pin and servo is randomly moving, because there is no PWM signal yet.

Then I decided to change GPIO16 logic and turning the Mosfet with low state. So I disconnected Bi-Direction Logic Converter, and placed there (between the pin and Mosfet) the NPN transistor as simple inverter like this:
R1, R2 = 10k

The result of this is the board won't boot at all.
I noticed that when I disconnect the servo, the board is booting OK.
I noticed also that when the servo is connected, but the board is powered from USB (not from external power supply), it can boot normally...

Please help, Best regards, Damian.