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By Coto
#74533 So I've trying this Fake Nodemcu/ESP8266 Captive Portal PoC:

And everything seems to work great. I tried to load another page (changed the html code and included css too) and it works like a charm!

However, when adding some more html (css) code, it exceeds the maximum ~80kB memory and it is unable to compile & upload the sketch to the Nodemcu.

Taking some lines out is not an option, as the html page String already takes too much space itself. I thought my best option was using EEPROM and save/load the html code/String from the 4mb disk it's got built-in. However, I haven't been able to do this. Tutorials I've seen online do this for single-line Strings, and my html code is obviously a multiline string.

How could I possibly save/load the html code String from the 4mb disk?

Thanks in advance!