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By ron57108
#68948 Ok - so, I bought one of those fancy PLDuinos (Arduino Mega based) with an integrated ESP8266 running NodeMCU (I think). By PLDuino default, the ESP8266 advertises an AP signal called "wifi-test."

All I want to do is change the SSID and password - everything else can stay stock. After much hair pulling, I finally found that I can pass commands to NodeMCU via the serial port. The ESP8266 is connected to the Arduino via Serial2. (That's fine except that I can seem to find any way to see a response when I send it a serial command on Serial2.)

Anyway - So, in my Arduino IDE sketch, I passed a simple:
thinking that would be all that's necessary.

But then, I saw no signal at all from the PLDuino. A little research later, I found that (perhaps) I need quotes for the values. So I send:
Note: When I print that string to Serial1 and watch serial monitor, it translates to: wifi.ap.config("myssid","mypassword")
Exactly what I want (I think).

Still no signal from the PLDuino
So I decide to go hog wild and send ALL of the available parameters:
Still no signal.

Final note: apparently the "save" parameter is the default. So, whatever configuration(s) I made origianlly, they survive a power cycle.

Where'd I go wrong and how do I recover?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Being a complete newbie here, I sure I'm just missing something really simple. ;-)
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By jminguela
#74538 Hi Ron!, did you get do something with this? I bougth a Plduino and everything is ok except the esp8266. I think is necessary change the esp firmware, because the example web is in the memory and expecific comands are programmed to use it.

and my question is... How can I do to update this firmware?. Plduino comes with a python microcontroller Trinket M0 which is necesary to flash the esp. However, I have no idea how to do it.

Someone could help me?