Discuss here different C compiler set ups, and compiling executables for the ESP8266
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By Gnanaguru
#74595 Hi fellows,

I just now saw "AMMAURO #3 - ESP8266 IoT 2017, native C SDK Getting Started for Windows, Mac & Linux" video. And I've practically implement it also. Even though the doubts I've got are basic, which I can't figure out by myself.

1.What does the toolchain does ?
I know that its comprises compiler,assemblers,linkers,libraries,debuggers for producing the software But what is compiled//linked/debugged? Where is that source code that is undergone these steps?

2. Really what does the esp-open-clone github clone has ?
I've gone through it. I can see lx-106 hal (maybe that ESP8266 controller one, but not sure about Hardware Abstraction Layer!!), esptool (this is familier thing....its for dumping bin files to esp flash) , esp-open-lwip & crosstool-NG (no idea about these)