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By eqsOne
#73641 The hexString parameter defines the initial color after booting, it’s set to white (000000) in the example sketch:

Code: Select allString hexString = "000000"; //Define inititial color here (hex color value), 080100 would be a calm warmtone i.e.

HomeKit does not handle color fading by itself and I’ve had no needs to implement this. So I can‘t assist with this, I‘m sorry.
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By LinoJo
#75127 Hi there,
i have some trouble with the HTTP request from the ESP..

Code: Select allwget
--2018-04-04 00:49:40--
Connecting to connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... Read error (Connection reset by peer) in headers.

in Homebridge LOG:
Code: Select all[2018-4-4 00:48:54] [LED BETT] ... getHue() failed: read ECONNRESET
[2018-4-4 00:48:54] [LED BETT] ... getSaturation() failed: read ECONNRESET
[2018-4-4 00:48:54] [LED BETT] getPowerState() failed: read ECONNRESET
[2018-4-4 00:48:54] [LED BETT] getBrightness() failed: read ECONNRESET

if i type in the URL .../set/<HEX-CODE>: it's work but the Browser say the same as the wget command

can anyone help me?

thank you!