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By DTesla
#71379 Hi all,

I'm not able to connect the ESP8266 with AT Commands
-AT version: 28 2016 11:29:39) SDK version:2.0.0(6ccde98) compile time:Mar 31 2017 14:50:03-

to an SSID with a space i.e. "My Network" while it works if I remove the space ==> "MyNetwork".
Is there a way to solve this via AT command's firmware?

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By mamvcivm
philbowles wrote:Old Tommy Cooper joke:

Man to Doctor: Doctor, everytime I do [url]this[/url]- ouch- it hurts!
Doctor: Don't do it then!

I'm assuming you're not actually attempting here to be helpful.

I'm in a situation where I'm trying to connect a Huzzah to a B&B wifi who's SSID contains spaces - I can't really ask them to remove the spaces just for me!
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By btidey
#75387 My understanding is that the issue is resolved if using the Arduino environment but not if using AT command firmware.

I can't verify this as I avoid space characters in most names.