Questions with regards to ESP8266 Basic and hardware interfacing and control via Basic commands

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By d.alien
#75163 HI,
I'm trying to use espbasic.
All is ok about the installation, but when I try to program : print "hello world"
the sytem return "done" but I can't see the text "hello world" on the screen of my phone...
Some ideas ?

Tks a lot.

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By d.alien
heckler wrote:hi dalien,
It would be helpful if you posted your exact code that you have written.

have you tried to use "wprint" ??

good luck


It's the first time I use ESPBasic and just after the installation and after got the panel menu on my smartphone, I tryed to run the exemple given on the site :

I wrote on the edit menu :

print "hello world"

I save it and tryed to RUN it.

At this time, I received the message : "done" without any text "hello world".

What 's matter ?

Tks for you help, indeed !