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By m.maazi
#75889 Hi.
I'm trying to make this method work on my esp chip:
I need to send a proper header to get my esp updated. Header must contain this information:
Code: Select all[HTTP_USER_AGENT] => ESP8266-http-Update
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_FREE_SPACE] => 671744
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_SKETCH_SIZE] => 373940
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_SKETCH_MD5] => a56f8ef78a0bebd812f62067daf1408a
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_CHIP_SIZE] => 4194304
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_SDK_VERSION] => 1.3.0
[HTTP_X_ESP8266_VERSION] => DOOR-7-g14f53a19

I don't know anything about sending http header in this format.
could you please help me?
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By QuickFix
m.maazi wrote:Solved! :mrgreen:

Your solution could help others in the future that are having the same problem.
Please share your knowledge. :idea: