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#76407 iam new to the part of project iam using 4 arduino baed robots which can be controlled via wifi with each smartphones.all these devices will be connected to the access point of another arduino based device.the phone should be able to send data to the robot,the main arduino device should be able to send data to the phone.the robot should also be able to send data to phone and main arduino.what all things should i do for this.does it have specific protocol?.and i want to distingush eash robot as pair.which means that particular phone and robot pair should not connect to other robot and phones.?do i need to create different ports or ip like that??please help me to solve this problem
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By QuickFix
#76438 Just as with every (programming) problem:
  • Define what you want/need
  • Break this up in pieces
  • Solve each piece
  • Join all those pieces together
  • Done
You really have to do everything yourself (or course you're always welcome to ask specific questions) or hire a programmer to do things for you (if you have the money, but not the knowledge or time).