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By rudy
#76426 I forget the details but I think this might be worth a try anyway. Send out a multicast message every minute. Nothing specific, just on that port.

I wonder if your router isn't passing through the messages after a time out. (again, I forget the specifics) for the problem (maybe not this one) the workaround was sending a packet periodically to indicate to the router that you still want the communications to continue on that port.
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By Cicero
#76441 Interesting, thanks for the responses. I just suspected the igmp_join bug because the symptoms looked the same...but boy did I go down a rabbit hole trying to check that with the open-sdk :lol:

I'm basically using E1.31 sACN, but with the open-sdk. So what I plan to do now is load that Arduino project on through the same router and see what that does. If it still cuts out then at least I know its definitely the router because so many of you dont have any issues. However, if it doesn't...then I wanna know what its doing that I'm not doing!

I'll also try the UDP send...but since its E1.31 I don't really want to pollute anything with a dummy send.

I have to go off this for a little while, but hopefully will try it early next week.
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By PuceBaboon
Cicero wrote:I'm working on the standard SDK, and seeing an issue with UDP multicast messages not being received after around 4mins, more specifically about 4:20 - 4:40sec.

I also had (have!) problems when routing traffic via a secondary, OpenWrt router (a little TP-Link WN703R v1). The ARP cache entry on the target server times out and I lose connectivity after a few minutes. It's not just multicast or UDP though, it's the whole shebang. It only seems to be that particular router (so I configure my ESPs to use the others).