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By Auri
#74809 Hi,
I use the Arduino core as a great way to programm the ESP8266 for a couple of months now.
2 days ago, however, I was forced to update my Visual Studio 2017 Community to install new components (but I didn't yet).
After this update I noticed several errors in the error list of my currently open project. The errors emerge not from my code, but from the ArduinoIDE/framework from
One error in the file stl_bvector.h:
E0075 operand of '*' must be a pointer
at line 68 in V2.4.1:
Code: Select allenum { _S_word_bit = int(__CHAR_BIT__ * sizeof(_Bit_type)) };

and several errors in a file called "new" (with a couple of memory allocation definitions in it).
VS throws this error in the error list:
E0351 first parameter of allocation function must be of type 'size_t'
at lines 91, 93, 99, 101
Code: Select allvoid* operator new(std::size_t) _GLIBCXX_THROW (std::bad_alloc)

I updated Visual Studio, Visual Micro as well as the Arduino core from V2.3.0 to 2.4.1
I cannot get rid of those error messages. However my project compiles fine and without errors from Visual Micro.
Do you have any ideas how to fix this issue?