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By Sirquil
#76966 Will stay with current approach for now; perhaps in the future I'll move to using ESP8266Webserver library with all the features it offers.

Found this article "The Sleep States of the ESP8266" here:

Learned the default sleep mode is "Auto Modem Sleep." I believe this is the source of my problem.

Power is not an issue on my project; so I used the following:

Code: Select allextern "C" {
  #include "user_interface.h"
void loop() {
  //rest of loop code

Testing this solution; faster page loading, with no timeout error messages --so far. Will continue to observe over the next few days.

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By Sirquil
#77071 Moved block of code responsible for every 15 minute data updates, logging, sending data to ThingSpeak and the Hosted, domain website moved from loop to inside of listen function. Listen function has priority except for 10 seconds at 14 min 50 sec., 30 min. 50 sec., 45 min. 50 sec., and 59 min 50 sec.; then the moved code block has priority. Result of this move has proved to be better responses to Client requests and improved reliability!

ESP8266 Server web site: New link!

Hosted web site:

Improved client response time and reliability...
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