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By picstart
#77004 Separating esp32 from esp8266 is most likely the best thing to do. It is hard at times with dependencies within dependencies within dependencies and at times hardware which is always necessary and sufficient is often buried by coders at very very low levels of the code. The concept that never is fully achieved is that code can be written so as to be independent of the hardware it needs for its execution.
Since esp32 and esp8266 differ at the hardware level code that works for one can easily not work for the other especially since much esp8266 coding was done before esp32 was in production.
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By btidey
#77007 I agree with that which is what the preferences switch achieves while keeping to one overall Arduino install.

New libraries (or updated versions) where appropriate can be written to be more agnostic of platform and maybe use an overall define to control coding differences.

The wifiManager variation is a good example of that.