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By btidey
#77013 Yes. The base modules are in alignment with the stated deep sleep spec.

I have several apps running ESP-12 units of LIPO batteries achieving < 20 uA during deep sleep. When using a regulator it does need to be an LDO with a low quiescent current. I use a model with about 8uA quiescent. One also needs to make sure that any peripherals or bias circuits are effectively turned off as well. Quite often low power 3.3V sensors can be powered from a GPIO to turn them off during sleep.
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By Dave_
#77026 Thanks to all for replying!

martinayotte wrote:This is due to the fact that USB-Serial part of your NodeMCU still connected ...

I suspected it had something to do with the face I'm using a development board.... So, I think I'll have to either live with that or use a bare ESP chip.

cubbieco: I'll have a look at that link, thanks
QuickFix: Already seen those videos, they helped but didn't completely solve the problem