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By Thepali94
#77634 Hello,

So I've been playing with an ESP-01 that I want to integrate in an arduino project. For the most part it went fine with setting up the ESP-01 when i connect to it with my phone on the ESP's network, but as soon as I connect the ESP-01 to my home wifi network and try to connect to it (in a browser) with any device I am unable to find the server. When I look in Chrome I get the error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
Anyone here who might be able to help me with this?

Thanks in advance
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By PtrO
#77647 Which software is loaded into the ESP and how do you let it connect to your home-wifi network ?

Connecting your phone TO the ESP implies that the ESP01 is working as AccessPoint. This is usually the initial state for product-specific software.