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By Carl Paton
#77594 ESP8266 (ESP-01) GPIO#0 OR #2 doesn't work properly with servo motor when power resets with GND in ESP8266.

Source code is very simple. Just include <Servo.h> and move the servo from 0 degree to 180 degrees in loop().

Everything works fine if I reset the power of ESP8266 and then connect GPIO pin to servo's pulse pin.

But whenever I reset the power of ESP8266 with GPIO to servo still remained connected, servo doesn't work as programmed but moves in a wrong direction and stuck.

Servo motor is powered by 5V, ESP8266 is powered by 3.3V. Both are from Raspberry Pi and sharing the GND.

How can I solve this problem?
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By RichardS
#77659 Sorry Carl, normally its just hours to approval... not sure what happened there....