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By prampec
#77908 Hi Friends,

I would like to introduce you my latest Arduino library:

It is a little bit similar to WiFiManager, but built with some other goals in mind. E.g.:
- non-blocking operation,
- config portal also available in WiFi mode,
- your custom configuration properties are also handled by the module,
- developers has more control over the config portal and the states.

Now also available form Arduino Library Manager.
I hope you find it useful.
All feedback are welcome!

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By btidey
#78145 This does look like a nice alternative.

The original manager had a setConfigPortalTimeout setting which I use to ensure that the code doesn't get stuck in AP mode if it got there due to a temporary outage on the normal STA.

It looks like this library is intended to check for STA even if in AP mode and recover back. Can you confirm this is the case?