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By cmstephan
#78177 Hi,
I managed to get the list of connected clients to my AP using wifi_softap_get_station_info().
The problem I have is that the AP does not recognize if a client got out of range.
wifi_softap_get_station_info() still reports the client.

This behaviour is mentioned in some other discussions but I could not find an answer so far.
Is there a way to force wifi_softap_get_station_info to update or any other way to recognize a client leaving range - or at least it is not in range anymore?

I tried to use the "promiscuous mode" to understand if there are packages floating around in the netwpork, but I had two issues. promiscuous mode was only working in Station Mode - I need AP, and second as long as the client is not communicating i do not get any packages in promiscuous mode.

Any ideas and support appreciated.

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By cmstephan
#78295 I found a way to get the information if the client is still present or not:

using the function wifi_softap_get_station_info() I retrieve all clients that were connected to the AP.
And I get the MAC but also the IP adress.

With a ping to the IP adress I can constantly check if the device is still present in the network - this works for me :D