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By Skipper
#78178 Anyone put ESP8266 into volume production and know what is required to meet the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) approval so products will meet CE qualification?
I've heard that some wifi modules will have to be formally tested at great expense to allow us to sell them into Europe :(

Thanks Skip
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By QuickFix
#78195 The modules overview in our Wiki also lists some conformity documents. :idea:
Not sure if you can use them 1:1 for CE or FCC approvals, but it might be worth to have a look at them.
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By dalbert
#78200 I have successfully put a product containing an ESP-12F through FCC (US) compliance certification and the ESP-12F aspect was a piece of cake.

The main issue is that the ESP-12F modular grant does not permit co-location with another transmitter (which my product has) so code must disable the ESP-12F modem before any other transmitter is turned on. If anyone knows how to disable just the ESP transmitter temporarily without disabling the modem, I'd love to hear about it.