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By Timmiej93
Prithwiraj Bose wrote:I found this which is quite impressive, in terms of what it does.
I exactly need this feature, but runnable on LUA firmware. Could someone please help me to write this LUA code?

I'm personally looking for the exact same thing, and I've been working on something like it. I've gotten as far as creating an AP, showing a credentials page, but the one thing I can't get working is scanning for networks. I know it's a fancy niche feature, but I personally simply want to include it.

Prithwiraj Bose wrote:Do you think is same as what I am asking?

Unfortunately not quite, it won't show you which networks are available, it's just a credentials page.

Gustavo Nobrega wrote:Hi, I created one.

Please fell free to try it.

I've tried it, and unfortunately, I can't get it to work. It runs fine, but when I connect to the network and go to any IP address I can find (using wifi.ap.getip() etc.), including, but nothing happens. On the serial monitor, the last output is "Server Created.". The "Receiving connection on port 80." as shown on GitHub never shows up for me, and no page is ever loaded.
Putting that aside, again, this code doesn't allow for scanning for networks, it's just a credentials page.