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By Darren Humphrey
#78221 I am using the softAP functionality to start a SoftAP with a custom name (i.e. "MyApName"). This is working fine. But sometimes I see an AP named ESP_XXYYZZ, where XXYYZZ is the last 3 bytes of the MAC address.

Is there a way to prevent ESP_XXYYZZ from appearing? I can't find any reference to it anywhere.
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By Darren Humphrey
Pablo2048 wrote:Show us your code, where you are setting WiFi class (probably in your setup()).

Here it is. Some of the code may be unneeded. I was having a lot of trouble with wifi reliability and was trying some of the solutions I found online.

// This generates a string based on the mac address: like MyAp_XXYYZZ
String apName = MakeAccessPointName();

// Shut down Wifi first

// disable modem sleep to prevent wifi disconnects

WiFi.hostname( apName.c_str() );

bool success = WiFi.softAP(apName.c_str(), _apPassword->Value().c_str());

if (!success)
Serial.printf("SoftAP Failed To Start");
Serial.printf("Started SoftAP '%s"),apName.c_str());

IPAddress ipAddr(192,168,4,1);

WiFi.softAPConfig( ipAddr, ipAddr, IPAddress(255, 255, 255, 0));


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By Pablo2048
#78238 The problem can be in sequence of calls to SoftAP initialization IMHO. I'm using this:
Code: Select allWiFi.persistent(true);
boolean result = WiFi.softAP("SoftAP_xxyy", "admin");

There is no need to set AP mode after .softAP() call IMHO and softAPConfig has to be called after delay(100).