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By henkoegema
henkoegema wrote:
Cary wrote:I set it up they way it is described in the book "Internet of Things with ESP8266", by Marco Schwartz. He has similar instructions online.
The board was added to the IDE with the following:


Which seems to be standard.

I asked for help from the publisher and author. The publisher, Pakt, referred my query to Marco. He replied by asking :
"Just answered also to Packt :) Did you install the definitions from:"

I downloaded a file from Github called Arduino-Master, and copied the files into the Arduino folder in C:/ *****/appdata/local/arduino15/tools. Without further info I didn't know what else to do. I tried this with both the TOOLS and CORES sub-folders. When that didn't work I also copied them into the Arduino folder in C:/Programs. I have replied to Marco telling him what I have done and asking if I am on the right path, but no reply.

What confuses me is that I can compile some ESP8266 related sketches in the examples, but not others.

I'm not totally computer illiterate (I am old and pre-date even the first IBM PCs and Windows :-)) but this is foreign to me. I don't know if it is in the code, or something to do with the board and libraries

Have you found a solution? :roll:
I'm facing the same problem.
I have not been using this chip for some time, but I previously never had this problem before.

Pse ignore my message. I made a mistake during compiling (missing libraries)
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By schufti
#78505 do yourself a favour and remove everything arduino on your PC.
After that download the arduino 1.8.7 .zip archive and unpack it to some place other than c:\programs; best on d:\
if wanted, rename the new directory from "arduino-1.8.7" to e.g. "arduino"
create a subdir "portable" in this new directory.
Now start arduino.exe, continue with setup from here ... ds-manager

if this doesn't work, come back with the exact errormessage.
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By vbshightime
#78564 there are few problems that can be associated with it.
1. check for the com port you are connected to
2. ESP8266-01 works differently while flashing and normal use. while flashing your code to esp8266, you have
to pull down GPIO 0 to ground so compile your code, and then just before upload pull down GPIO0 to ground
and RST pin to ground for the time ide is uploading the code.