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By grhhm
rudy wrote:Have you looked at and

Not heard about these. Thanks for the pointers. I checked them out.

Esparto seems to use "own language" to make the ESP functional. This looks kind of easyEsp.

Homie looks pretty versatile framework which implements all I wanted. I managed to install the lib, compile sample project, upload it and check it. Now I am carefully checking all the implemented features for stability and performance.

Thank you for the hint again.
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By grhhm
#78560 Hi rudy,

This looks like your instructables :)
It looks you managed well with Homie. I have troubles with everything related to MQTT:
The messages from Homie to Broker go well. However from broker to Homie nothing arrives. This makes impossible control and OTA via MQTT.

I posted question and debug info in github issues: ... -428110033
No response yet.

Maybe could you share your Homie sketch which is able to OTA and control GPIO via MQTT?

Thank you.
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By rudy
#78563 That instructable isn't from me. I have never used Homie. I looked at it and it looks promising. It has lots of stars. I have used async-mqtt-client produced by the same individual and it seemed to work well. Homie is a lot more, a framework.

It seemed to have the things you asked for so I suggested it.
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By grhhm
#78568 Thank you rudy.

A part of my problem solved: I was defining in configuration an own base name. When I reset the configuration and leave the base name empty it becomes 'homie' and OTA works. Now I just need to understand how to make homie accepting messages for variable setting (e.g. light on/off).