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By grhhm
#79033 Sharing my project. It might help someone who wants upgrade popular Sonoff with more sophisticated switch.

    Turn switch on/off with button (like all others).
    Turn switch on/off via MQTT (like many others).
    Keep last state and restore it on power failure/restore (like some others).
    Firmware OTA (like some others).
    Report result of switching of relay (OK or Error, total 8 statuses).
    Report Error if power circuitry to load damaged, good for fused loads.
    Report Error if load is not connected: bulb burnt, for instance.
    Sensitive load status measure: 1W and up load, limited with relay current rating.
    2A SSR silent click-less relay. Use your own relay type if needed. Match the bridge in current measurement circuit then.
    80-240V 50/60Hz power supply, NON-ISOLATED for space saving. DO NOT TOUCH the circuit when powered on AC mains.
    Tiny size: 37x50mm
    The YAWS is built on ESP8266 MCU, ESP-12 module with 4MB of Flash. Modules with 1MB of Flash fit too. WROOM-2 modules fit too and require redesign of the PCB.

The YAWS uses Homie as firmware framework. The YAWS is managed by any MQTT application on Tablet, Mobile phone, Laptop or Desktop.
Node-Red is recommended for automated control of the switch: making scenes, automatic decisions, reporting, graphing, etc.