The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By leenowell
#79955 Hi All,

I am working on a home project which has an ESP sending data to 1 of several "server" ESPs (to ensure full coverage around the house) via espNow. I then need to get this data from one of the servers (using HTTP connected to my router) but obviously don't know which one(s) the sender sent it to.

I have heard of using SSDP or UDP or UPNP type protocols to enable the ESP servers to identify the others on the network and then to communicate between them (e.g. make one the master and the others send the data to the master and retrieve the data from there or they keep each other in sync and then the client can hit any of them).

Anyone have any thoughts on the best way of achieving this? Also anyone know of a good set of documentation on how these work on the ESP? I have seen some code examples but they are a little difficult to follow and understand what design options I have.

Any help greatly appreciated.