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By billd39ET
#74540 Hi, is it possible to implement Arduino OTA on a generic ESP8266 module?

I have been able to successfully implement OTA update on WEMOS D1 and D1 Mini, the sketches wupdate as expected.

I've been able to run sketches successfully on generic ESP8266 modules - uploaded using FTDI module. But when I try OTA I get "[ERROR]: Error Uploading" in the IDE and most times it knocks the ESP8266 offline and I need to power cycle to get back online.

I know the ESP8266 is OK because it runs the sketches and updates fine via USB/FTDI.

I know the sketches and OTA code is OK because they run and OTA update on multiple other boards.

I'm thinking it may be related to the update sequence? Using FTDI you need to manually put the ESP8266 into boot mode - connect GPIO0 to GND, then remove from ground after udate. If I ground GPIO0 before trying OTA it stops the sketch and knocks ESP8266 offline.

If I don't GND GPIO0 OTA wont upload?

Is it possible to run Arduino OTA on a generic ESP8266? Do I need to GND GPIO0 first? What is the sequence?