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By lucasromeiro
McChubby007 wrote:It is a large and complex topic, and most 'Arduino people' are not interested; it is what industry uses. I decided to share this with you as you are interested which pleases me.

As far as my 3us timing goes, obviously you cannot cheat physics and 70 chars @ 115200bps = 5ms. The 3us that I quote is delay impact on the user's calling code when doing the trace; what actually happens is that this data is then buffered and sent over serial (or wi-fi or SD/Spiffs) in the background during idle foreground activity. In reality the delay to user code is actually even less, more like 800ns. For an Arduino Uno it is abut 40us as that processor is a lot slower and 8-bit architecture.

If you have any questions about this subject in general or the tools specifically then please ask, as I am happy to share my knowledge, since as I say, most arduino hobbyists don't seem that interested.

Very interesting!
I'm curious and this can be useful someday.
I am not such an ordinary user.
Development for an automation company. So sometimes I move with some deeper things.
Even if I do not use this knowledge, it's good to know how it works.
Glad you like to help and share knowledge!
I get sad when the person knows how to help and speaks: go search on google.
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By lucasromeiro
McChubby007 wrote:Given what you said in the other topic about this is work for a company, I have decided not to provide you with the library I am working on. This is because right now, it has no licensing files nor headers and that will take up too much of my time. I hope you understand that I feel uneasy about giving this to you which may then end up in the hands of a commercial organisation, without the necessary legal text included.

Other than that I am happy to help and provide answers.

Of course, do not worry!
I understand you.
You have to be careful. Problems can happen on the internet.
I would never steal your program.
But when it's ready, I'll be happy to test for you and say what I found, and maybe help improve if I need to.
Remind me when you finish your project. I look forward to getting to know the project.
I am very interested in tools for esp.
I really like to talk about it. I've learned a lot from you!
Thank you!