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By Bonzo
#81737 With linear regulators you are supposed to use some capacitors; although I do not know if they make a difference.

If you are using the surface mount type on stripboard/veroboard you will probably have to cut some tracks as the spacing is different and the pins could short.
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By btidey
#81779 If it's just the regulator you can just mount on the back of the module and use wires to connect regulator pins to the 3.3V and 0V pins on the module.

A capacitor between 3.3V and 0V is always good practice no matter what the source to ensure any current spikes required by the module are well catered for. I normally use a 220uF 6.3V SMD flat type which can also be neatly mounted directly on the module if required.

Capacitor on the input side is not really needed if source is a battery and the wires are kept short.

If mounting regulator on a board with isolated holes on a 0.1" pitch one can mount the regulator at an angle to get it connected.