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By DonFrench
#81842 I am familiar with the Browser Update example referenced in this tutorial. However, it does not meet my needs. The problem is that the example requires hard-coding the SSID and password of the local access point and the 8266 has to successfully connect to the user's local router. This would work fine if I only had one user and knew his network login credentials. But my situation is that I have (or hope to have) hundreds of users all with identical 8266-based devices running in AP mode. And of course I do not know their network credentials (which are all different), so I cannot code their credentials into the program. My desire is for the users to download the new BIN file to their PC and then connect their PC to the 8266 AP and, as in the example, navigate to "/Update", whereupon they get an update page like the one in the example. (It has two buttons, one that asks them to navigate to the BIN file; the other button is UPDATE, which, when clicked, causes the software to upload from the specified file.) At this point the system reboots, and the new update will have been installed. But I cannot get around the requirement in the example to specify the SSID and password, which I do not and cannot know. Is there no way to do this without specifying the user's login credentials? Thanks in advance.
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By QuickFix
#81844 If your coding in Arduino/C++, you could use the WiFiManager-library. :idea: