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#81825 I am trying to interface ESP8266-01 (8-pin) module with Texas Instruments TIVA C series TM4C123GH6PM (microcontroller) Launchpad.I want to interface using UART. Codes are available for ARDUINO but not for TIVA Launchpad. For arduino libraries are available and i am able to send the sensor data to the cloud.But I want to implement this using TIVA board.Can anyone help me in getting the libraries for TIVA?
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By btidey
#81846 The standard way to use the ESP-01 like this is to have the AT command set on the ESP-01 and then just send AT command strings from the other microcontroller. You don't need a library to do that.

You are restricted to the AT commands available though and that might restrict what you want to achieve.

You need to give more details around the sensor and what data you want to communicate.

For example, you may want to put firmware on the ESP module that receives packets of data from the microcontroller and then sends them on via MQTT.

Is there something specific on the Texas board you need? Have you considered using a better esp8266 module (ESP-12 / NodeMCU/Wemos) or even an ESP32 as a simpler all in one solution?