The use of the ESP8266 in the world of IoT

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By SupDoc
#81916 I'm just setting up a lap top to run Arduino IDE, and installed a fresh copy of the latest - 1.8.9 I went to Sketch=>Include Library=>Manage Libaries=>ESP8266WiFi, and got nothing, so I can't run my IOT sketches on my laptop.
The ESP8266WiFi is in my Include statements in my IOT sketches of my desktop, but when I look into the libraries of my desktop, it doesn't show there either. Anyone has an answer for me?
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By Bonzo
#81917 You can download them from here: and copy them to your Arduino libraries folder.

From memory I think they were installed when I setup the board manger etc. There are plenty of tutorials on how to setup the Arduino IDE to work with the ESP8266 online.
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By floresta
#81947 I am having the same problem and, although it may work, I do not believe that putting the ESP8266 libraries in with the regular Arduino libraries is the correct solution.

The ESP8266 libraries have always been placed in a different location altogether, in my case deep within the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Arduino15 folder. They have always been found in that location and they can still be found on the computer that I have upgraded to v1.8.9. It is on two new installations that the IDE cannot find them, even with the libraries in the equivalent location and with the same source code.