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By panoss
#81944 Well yes, but this means I should go to the client with my laptop.
And program the ESP right there.
I would like to avoid this.
(of course I 'll do it if I end up with no alternative)

Is there something else I could do? For example to tell him (my client) 'do this to test your router'.
Or 'check this setting in your router'.
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By panoss
#81950 Let me tell you what my client told me:
-his router accepts IPs from up to (254 is the default which is used to enter in the web interface)
-the ESP tries to connect with IP, which is out of the router 's range, so it rejects it.

Does this make any sense?
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By panoss
#81997 In case it helps somebody with a similar problem:
After reading this thread I told my client to

1. Authentication method to WPA2-Auto
2. WPA encryption to: (AES+TKIP)
3. SSID in something that has 6 characters at least.(his SSID had only 4)

He did all these 3 changes and now it works!
I don't know which one was the problem.