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By Pablo2048
#80854 The MAC method will not work IMO - if you put the ESP behind router and redirect all http traffic to it, it will fail - every connection will have the router's MAC address. AFAIK there are two methods to handle this:
1. use cookie - standard method and best solution IMHO
2. write your own logged/not logged system, based on some hashes from http headers (to unique identify computer and/or browser) and expiration timer.
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By twinclouds
#81980 I have a similar questions. I can find quite a few examples to perform authentication using password and they all works. This one: is very simple and I verified it works. However, my problem is, none of the articles telling me how to execute codes once authenticated to perform the desired functions. It should not be very difficult but I just cannot figure this out. Can someone help? Thanks.