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By twinclouds
#81979 I built a wifi garage door opener using ESP01 based on what described here It works fine over my home local net. However, since I want to access it over internet, I would like to add some simple authorization such as login with password. I found quite a few examples on the web. For example like this one They all work fine for performing the function of login using password. However, I don't know how to modify the code so that once authenticated, I can execute the garaging opening function. I think it should not be difficult but I just cannot figure it out. Can someone help? Really appreciated!
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By QuickFix
#81992 I've never tried, used or even seen this code before, but if I'm correct you can do your stuff by replacing the line by your own code at:
Code: Select allserver.send(200, "text/plain", "Login OK");