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By Sum~guy
#81932 My no-name ESP8266 module give AT version: 14 2016 18:54:01) / SDK version:2.0.0 for the AT+GMR command.

My first question is - is there a list of AT commands for each AT version? And can I assume that my 8266 module wouldn't be "missing" any commands?

My second question - what are the AT commands (assuming version has them) to set the various parameters and operating modes of the AT pins? I'm having a hard time finding example AT command sequence to get, say, IO pin 0 to go high or low on command.

I've seen mention of AT+SYSGPIOREAD (with no other parameters or variables?) - my module just gives an error when I give it that command.

Not related to IO functions, but when I issue this command: AT+SYSRAM? I also get an ERROR. It's frustrating to see documented AT commands giving ERROR like this.
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By Sum~guy
#82018 Wow. This forum is really useful. Well, I'll answer my own question. The AT command set is garbage. NODEMCU is too complicated to use easily. I burned something called ESPEasy firmware into my 8266 thing and can now easily set GPIO outputs with an easy HTTP command to the module.
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By QuickFix
Sum~guy wrote:Wow. This forum is really useful.

It actually is, but there's no sense in 10 people replying to a thread with "I don't know, since the AT command set is useless".
Only a few (lets say 1%) amongst us actually use or have any real experience with the standard AT command set.
Since only a handful of the registered users here respond to messages, that 1% of them equals virtually 0.

To be honest: I actually did search the AT documents and replied to your question, but I never pressed the submit-button.
It wouldn't have added something useful to your thread and I had to get on with my daytime (and paid) job.

Sum~guy wrote:The AT command set is garbage.

Okay, so you've figured it out yourself already; it's only written over a hundred or so times on this forum. :idea:
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By Sum~guy
#82025 Supposedly there are commands - such as:

AT+SYSIOSETCFG —Configures IO Working Mode
AT+SYSIOGETCFG —Checks the Working Modes of IO Pins
AT+SYSGPIODIR —Configures the Direction of a GPIO
AT+SYSGPIOWRITE —Configures the Output Level of a GPIO
AT+SYSGPIOREAD —Reads the GPIO Input Level

But I can't get them to work - I always get ERROR response.