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By maverickchongo
#82279 Hi,

Does somebody knows if there is a complete mdns library for the ESP8266 non-os-sdk?

The current one included in the sdk only includes the responder, but hasn't implemented a listener...

I was thinking to maybe port the one for the ESP32 which is a full mdns library, does anybody have think it is worth it? - How complex task would it be?

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By davydnorris
#82280 You could look at the lwIP port that @eriksl has done (see posts in this area), where he has taken it back to as close to the original lwIP as possible.

lwIP has mDNS and you may be able to enable it in the lwipopts.h and have it just work
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By maverickchongo
#82288 Thanks for your answer.

I believe that @eriksl has removed the mdns library because it is not part of lwip, also that library only implements a listener, I am actually after a library in which I can make mdns queries, so I can resolve host names to IP addresses.