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By eriksl
#82814 I've made a new release: 24

- fix bug in LWIP interface (ping didn't work)
- introduce i2c sensor periodic background fetch, this avoids the need to keep waiting for a sensor to yield a result; sensor data is refreshed about every 30 seconds now, for these selected sensors.
- Espressif SDK update to HEAD
- fix bug where network would become unresponsive after some time, a race condition
- reorganise stats output
- use libc functions instead of own replacements, where possible, now we have full libc access
- improve display user interface
- add direct support for rotary encoders (no more external flip-flops required)
- add support for controlling the espiobridge using the UART (mostly with a connected USB bridge)
- add support for bootstrapping WLAN config (SSID/password) over the UART by sending two commands ... ses/tag/24
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By eriksl
#82830 Solved a few minor and one major bug, new release 25: ... ses/tag/25

wlan: fix bug where wlan mode was set to recovery mode permanently when it failed to associate.

This means a temporary connection loss (e.g. caused by not responding
DHCP server, access point temporaly off, etc) would set the ESP
permanently in recovery mode, where it needs to configured for wlan
manually. This is not desirable.

Changed the behaviour now that wlan recovery mode is not saved in the
config, so a reset should be enough to get it working again with the
current wlan parameters.