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By Involute
#82364 I'm new to the ESP8266 (but not Arduino). I'd like to use it in a clock application. To achieve the requisite accuracy I'd like to use an external TCXO to drive one of the ESP's counters (I gather timer1 would be best for this) while the ESP is in one of its sleep modes, then have the overflow wake it up to do the timekeeping work, then go back to sleep. This doesn't seem possible, but thought I'd check here before writing it off. Any other suggestions for using the ESP to keep accurate time (without using WIFi)? Thanks.
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By schufti
#82367 sorry to ask, but seriously: have you ever seen a clock with an tcxo?
what "requisite accuracy" are you talking about?
Clock with 1000th of second display?
take a reasonably priced rtc chip and set/sorrect time every now and then.
If - depending on location - it is possible, use GPS.
or are we talking about a timing application?