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By educrocha
#82393 We are building an device to measure the comsumption. The circuit ACS712 reads the comsumption in that moment, so, I need to make an way acumulate every second. Problem: Non-volatile memory have a limite to write, so I need to use a volatile memory. Is there some limit to write in volatile memory? Our ideia is read the ACS712 once a second and write in volatile memory and each 10 minute write in non-volatile memory.
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By eriksl
#82429 Do you mean the RTC NVR? No there is no limit, it's just RAM. Just little space availble.
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By rudy
#82432 RTC ram is only needed if you want to save data between CPU resets. As long as the CPU is running (not sleep, and not reset) the normal data area is available.

I found the following. It might be true.

RAM size < 50 kB, that is, when ESP8266EX is working under the Station mode and connects to the router, the maximum programmable space accessible in Heap + Data section is around 50 kB.