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By Bonzo
#82467 My latest project is a tracker to allow me to see how far and where I have been on my photography expeditions. The wife is also keen to use it when she goes jogging but the first time she tried it the device failed. I am not sure why, it may just have been the movement when she ran as it has not been a problem when walking or driving.

Currently I download the data through the serial monitor an manually upload it to my website. The next step will be an option to directly upload it to the website via a wireless connection.

I have a couple of small problems:
I am sure he interrupt button worked on D8 but if it did it stopped working for some reason and I had to move it to D3 which was my only other spare pin. This means on start up any data is output. Not really a problem
The memory card may be moving which might have been the problem with joging.
The SD.remove() is not working. It says the file was removed but it is still there. Also the display files is not working.
When testing and uploading files I have to keep disconnecting the USB which is wearing my computers USB port out!

Anyway I have a mini Nodemcu board, SD card adaptor, GPS Modual, charger board and running Arduino code. I would have liked a tempeature sensor as well but do not have enough pins. To save space I had to hard solder everything to the stripboard which made modifications and error finding a bit harder.
The website is using php to format the data points to use in the Google maps API.

Sample output: https://rubblewebs.co.uk/IOT/manchester.html

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By MiG_Fulcrum
#82887 Have you progressed and solvd some of these issues? This project is something I'm interested in (I wanted to do something like this, but your project is already quite developed while mine is still at the "wishful thinking" phase) and I'd like to know how it goes.