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By Nikolay
#82483 To manage WiFi, you need to change the function name call_user_start in the library libmain.a, for example, to the name call2user_start, correct one byte in two places, and insert the following function into your program:
void call_user_start()
volatile uint32 * rtc = ((uint32 *) 0x60000700); rtc [4] = 0; rtc [0] = 0;
// works here with sensors. ESP8266 current 15ma instead of 70ma
call2user_start ();
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By davydnorris
#82492 Can't you simply call wifi_set_opmode() to turn off the radio by default? Wrap it in an if statement so that you don't repeatedly write to flash:

Code: Select allif (wifi_get_opmode_default()) {

You can also use system_phy_set_rfoption(3) to turn off the RF calibration on wake up